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What A Difference A Mat Makes

When you think of a marquee – you think of the big tent like structure that protects you from the rain, or, more appropriately at the moment, from the burning rays of the sun. But what do you see when you look down? Most people will automatically say ‘grass’ because that’s what 90% of people who put up marquees go with. Which is absolutely fine if you want the relaxed, festival vibe. But what about those who want a bit more of a comfortable, homey or classy finish to their event? Well, we have the solution for you.

Stable Flooring For Your Guests


Setting up the dining areaOne of the biggest advantages of marquee matting is the fact that it gives your guests a more stable flooring to stand on. A nice, thick woven mat material will level out the uneven ground, leaving a perfectly flat surface for you to balance tables laden with decorations. It also reassures your guests, with nothing hidden in the grass for them to trip over and no risk of leaning into a dip in the ground and having an accident. It will also prevent high heels from sinking into muddy grass, which female guests will definitely thank you for! As an added bonus, it means that your guests will have the option to sit on the floor throughout the event if they want to, without worrying about grass stains, mud or anything else ruining their clothes.





Party dance floorAnother big bonus of using capri marquee matting over the more traditional grass route is that it protects your guests from the weather. While we might think of the weather as coming from above (hence hiring a marquee in the first place), mother earth can also play tricks on us from below. If it is a drizzle or even a particularly humid day, moisture in the ground can seep up to the surface and cause a muddy, boggy texture underfoot, even if it’s covered by the marquee. Not a good look! But our capri matting will act as a barrier between the earth and your guests, so they don’t have to worry about their shoes getting muddy, whether they can put their bags down on the floor and any other elemental surprises that might find their way in. Because of its unique texture, it also prevents the floor of your marquee from getting slippery and dangerous if rain or mud is trodden in, so you can be sure your guests won’t go flying.


Creates Atmosphere


Finally, adding a mat flooring element to your marquee brings a sense of comfort and style. If you take a look at some of the photos on our equipment hire and our marquees pages, you will see the difference our capri matting makes to the feel of the marquee. What would have been an empty and quite cold looking space is suddenly welcoming and full of warmth, encouraging guests inside and helping them relax. If you’re looking to split the marquee up a bit, we can also hire out dance floors, which fit on top of our capri matting or just onto the grass to give a unique and groovy feel to any marquee.

At Complete Marquees, we not only provide a wide range of stunning marquees for your event, but we can guarantee you a soft and sure footing with our capri matting. Available in a range of different sizes to suit your marquee and starting at just £100 for 20 square foot, matting can be a fantastic way to add an element of warmth and class to your event. For more information, get in touch with the Complete Marquees team today.