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7 Tips for Decorating Your Marquee

Capri Marquee With Wedding Dining SetupEvery venue is different, but there is something about decorating a marquee that can be particularly challenging. Marquees can look a bit empty and flat until the tables are laid, the flowers and props are in position and your guests are filling the space. So how do you make the most of the space and really create a unique style for your marquee?


Create Extra Height

Marquees can be quite high, so a good way to give the illusion of a lower ceiling is to create height and drama with your table decorations. Combining tall and short arrangements adds interest and stops the displays from becoming stale. Just make sure your taller arrangements are kept fairly thin, so that your guests can still see each other and talk across the table. You can also do this with hanging decorations to draw the eye upwards.


Warm Welcome

Lighting flares outside the entrance to your marquee will create a special warmth when your guests enter and depart. Lanterns are a fantastic way to create a winding path into your marquee and to other elements of the day like car parks or venues. For softer lighting, go for candles in jam jars or fairy lights to create a warm welcome.


Beautiful Backdrops

If you are having a band, other entertainment or a photo booth area, why not have different types of backdrop. Up-lighters are a very popular and pretty choice for a ‘photo spot’, whereas rustic ivy and wood are fantastic for weddings. It’s easy to create a personal and beautiful area with some simple extras from your other decorations and lighting, which will also encourage your guests to move around the marquee.


Chill-Out Areas

At any event, guests can start to feel overwhelmed, overheated or just need to take 5 minutes out from it all. Adding a chill-out area to your marquee is the perfect way to give them a space to relax and really put your personal stamp on the sling. Contemporary sofas and chairs illuminated with tiny lights will look spectacular. For a vintage look, opt for some mismatched furniture from local auctions with some quirky accessories and activities scattered around.



Lighting is really important in a marquee. Most come with up-lighters, but to create the atmosphere you desire, adding your own lighting is key. We love lighting placed over the dance floor or draped over archways for a warm welcome as your guests enter.


Cute Chair Backs

If chair covers aren’t your thing, or you have some beautiful wooden chairs you want to showcase, you can customise them with ribbons, handmade cushions or bunting to match your theme. These little details really tie the whole thing together and give your marquee a ‘complete’ feel.

Of course, part of the appeal of a marquee is being able to create your own unique space, so if you like all of these ideas or none at all, that’s ok! We would love to see some of the ways you have decorated your marquees or your ideas for the future, so please drop us a comment or get in touch with the team today.